How To Activate And Use Norton Spam Filtering?

16 Sep

Spam is that the electronic equivalent of junk & junk phone calls. it's not solely associate degree unwanted nuisance; it’s conjointly a pervasive issue that’s clog & overwhelms the Internet’s email systems. Spam accounts for around eighty p.c of worldwide email dimensions. it's worse than junk messages & calls. Well, it's merely unwanted however legitimate advertising, abundant of it's worse.

To avoid any prevailing spam threats lets learn the method of spam filtering with web activate. Spam filtering is a tremendous feature allowing users to manage the spam emails that you simply don't receive a lot of.

Enable Norton Spam filtering victimisation these steps:

• Firstly, check that that the Norton Product is place in on your system properly.

• Open Norton’s Dashboard on your system.

• On the house screen/dashboard, click “Settings’.

• below the settings choices, choose Anti-Spam.

• ensure your choice by moving the slider to point out ‘ON’ the Anti-Spam, below the Filter tab.

• Once you have got the confirmation, click Apply.

• Hit the OK button currently to avoid wasting the changes so they will be applied.

Disable the spam filtering with these instructions:

• Head to the Settings choice to choose opposing spam from the list.

• below the filter button, Use the slider to show OFF anti-spam.

• Once you set it on OFF position, you'll see a service request window pop.

• discover the period of disabling the setting from the appeared menu. Norton Spam filtering are often turned off for that elect period.

• Once the changes square measure saved, shut the Norton dashboard.

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